Qualities That An Engine Degreser Must Possess

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The ideal characteristics for a commercial cleaner degreaser depend partly on a degreaser’s application. But there are other traits that every industrial cleaner degreaser need to have. Wheels tips When you narrow your options to a degreaser that satisfies your requirements, purchasing it in a kind that offers the following qualities will offer the greatest security and benefit.

No Hazardous Air Pollutants

Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) evaporate from poisonous cleaners and endanger both the natural environment and workplace. HAPs generally discharge from chlorinated solvents and cause short-term conditions such as respiratory distress, vertigo, and stomach illness. However prolonged HAP exposure can cause infertility, neurological issues, and even cancer. Even if your company isn’t really dedicated to going green, it needs to still prevent degreasers which contain HAPs to avoid lawsuits that arise from toxic exposure in the office. By investing a little bit more on non-toxic industrial cleaner, business can wind up conserving millions.

No Volatile Organic Substances

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) don’t damage the environment. However they can still damage workers in the same ways as HAPs. In many cases, companies think that buying a high performance cleaner methods getting stuck with either HAPs of VOCs. But in today’s eco friendly solvent market, purchasing a commercial cleaner degreaser that has neither is easier than before.

Low Flashpoint

Depending upon a degreaser’s use, a low flashpoint or no flashpoint at all could be a need. For example, cleaning electrical engine parts that stay stimulated after an engine is disengaged requires a no flashpoint parts cleaner. However in all cases, the lower a cleaner’s flashpoint, the better. In addition to avoiding fires in case of a cleaner’s misuse, solutions without any flashpoint also avoid fire spread in case of unrelated fires.


Till recently, it was rare to discover an eco-friendly cleaner that offered commercial level cleansing power. However today, biodegradable degreasers are readily available that get rid of tar, fuel oil, grease, asphalt, bitumen, and organic resins as well or much better than their hazardous equivalents. A naturally degradable service safeguards the environment. But it can likewise reduce your chemical waste elimination expense. If you use large amounts of degreaser, changing to a biodegradable degreaser could conserve thousands of dollars a year.