Carpet Fundamentals: Durability and Evaluating Top Qualit

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Right here are some general terms for comprehending just how carpet is made as well as how you can judge rug high quality.


The measure of how much time your carpeting will certainly look and feel great. Ideally, rug will certainly preserve its initial appearance and look for several years to find. Toughness depends on discovering the ideal equilibrium of 3 important aspects specified below:

1. Fiber
During carpet production, all-natural or artificial fiber is transformed to thread as well as tufted, or locked right into a backing to create the stack or surface that you stroll on. There are five significant sorts of carpet fiber – nylon 6,6, nylon 6, polypropylene (olefin), polyester, and also wool; one of the most popular being nylon.

Perfect for carpeting, nylon 6,6 is a synthetic fiber that is wear-resistant (soil as well as discolor resistant). Its all-natural residential properties enable a really vast array of colors and also color blends and also the newest fibers provide the look and feel of woolen, but with much less upkeep as well as expense. All STAINMASTER ® rugs are made from 100% costs nylon 6,6 fiber with dirt as well as tarnish defense not located in various other fibers.

2. Twist
The twist of the fiber is the way the fiber filaments are rotated into the thread, and how the thread is, in turn, bent upon itself. A twist is usually secured into the fiber with a steam or heat-setting. The tighter the spin, the more the rug will resist changes in look and texture. All STAINMASTER ® carpet construction is performed under rigorous turning specifications. You can also visit our website

3. Density
Density defines the quantity of pile in the carpeting and also just how close the tufts are to one another. As a whole, the extra dense the carpeting the better the quality. Examine thickness by pressing your fingers on the rug and also attempting to get to the support. It will certainly be tough to get to the support of an extremely thick rug. With the tufts dealing with an exterior, flex the carpet into a U form to see how much of the carpet backing shows. The much less backing you see, the thicker the rug.